This site is dedicated to Jeff Fogel, our local Miami hero. Jeff has coached our kids in football and basketball and inspires us each and every day with his concern for the children under his leadership. Although he has been afflicted with ALS which has confined him to a wheel chair and limited his mobility and is daily functioning, his only goal is to motivate the kids to succeed and achieve greatness. You see him out on the football field and on the basketball courts barking orders, demanding excellence, and encouraging the kids to reach for new goals of personal achievement. We, as a community, are fortunate to have Jeff continue to communicate valuable life lessons to our children, while he himself battles this debilitating disease.

Jeff and his family have given graciously to our community and now it is our time to help Jeff lead as independent life as he can. We ask that as a community we can together help Jeff and his family in a way that perhaps one or two families cannot do alone. It is our way of saying thank you to our Miami hero, Jeff Fogel and for us to do it together.

Please consider donating at one of the levels below on a recurring monthly basis. This would help Jeff to know what his budget is for the month and allow us to forecast his budget with more accuracy. It would also help those who are helping to encourage further donations to minimize the number of persons needed each month to meet the hefty expenses Jeff is facing. If the suggested donation amounts do not work please feel free to indicate the amount that you wish to contribute. As you can see below, the program will also accept one time donations if that is your preference. All donations are welcome.

Thank you in advance for being part of a community wide effort to help support Jeff and his family.

Please note that the donation is NOT through a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and as such these donations may not be deemed tax deductible. Consult your accountant for appropriate tax advice.

For more information on ALS please feel free to go to We have no connection to this website, but understand that it is a good place to go for information and there are resources for how to speak to your kids about ALS.

Special thanks to Tom Feeley of the Sole Hotel in Sunny Isles Beach for his assistance in helping to get this project off the ground and running and to Laura Lavie, Aventura trusts and estates attorney for her pro bono work to make this happen.